Thursday, 15 December 2011

15mm Star Marines from Irregular Miniatures

Following on from my previous 15mm comparisons, I thought I'd post some more pictures of the Irregular Miniatures Star Marines as they seem a bit camera shy here on the internet!  These guys get a lot of battle time with me - I love their vaguely menacing look and variation of kit and poses.

Further down there are a couple of pictures of's Shia Khan Malig's which make excellent 15mm Ork or Gretchin types.

There's a good variety of poses and minor variants of the same pose too - I like that about Irregular

Here's how they scale with GZG New Israeli's!  Not surprised that NI guy looks worried!
Of course, this works fine if, like me, you are happy to explain it away as genetically modified super troopers or simply as a different race.  That's the beauty of Scifi for me.

Front and back of Star Marines 

I find that there's something vaguely Predator like in these figures
- maybe it's those dreads on the officer

I like that heavy weapon and the electronic warfare officer can add a dimension to scenarios

More including a flamer 

Rocket Launcher & another hacker/EW technician 

I'm not sure who these guys are but I think they are from Irregulars Space Pirates range.
These guys often find themselves in our scenarios being arrested/hunted/rescued.

And now for some opposition here are a few Shia Khan Malig's

I really like these - they convey a lot of character

They will soon have re-inforcements once I get my GZG Alien Mercs painted up.

Hope this has been of interest to you.


  1. Those are very nice and excellent paintjobs and pics.

  2. Those are very interesting figures with a lot of detail. Thank you for sharing the photos.