Thursday, 1 December 2011

New Israelis receive transport

I recently picked these up for £2.99 each in Toys'r'us thinking that they looked a good fit for 15mm:

It was the 2 vehicles bottom left and bottom right in each pack that I was really interested in.

These 2 will go to my Laserburn Gangers

Not sure where these two are destined for yet.

I'm chuffed with these, I think they'll be pretty good when they have had a wash or drybrush.  The only slight dis-appointment was the large size of the Hummer compared to the APC but I can live with that.

  The existing camo scheme goes really well with my GZG New Israelis.

The 12 man squad fits nice and plausibly as an 8 in the APC and a 4 including the leader in the Hummer.

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  1. Those are nice. I have used them in the past. If I remember correctly the APC can open up.