Saturday, 26 November 2011

Indoor Rugby!

Been a bit quiet on the blog lately but we have managed to get some games in.  I took on my six year old daughter at Kahmate, one of her favourite games:

England to kick off.

Scotland receive the kick, charge straight up the middle
and break through for a try after a couple of missed tackles.  7-0.

England reply swiftly with the scrum half weaving his way past the Scottish forwards.  7 all. (Jeering Junior Scot in the background!)

Scotland then broke through twice more to make it 21-7 as their assistant coach started to influence play (Jessica's 10 year old brother started giving tactical advice!).  However England fought back to 21-14 and then scored in the corner as the ref (Mum) blew full time (bedtime again!).  If I could slot the conversion from the touchline I would salvage a draw but the dice gods were not with me and it ended 21-19 to Scotland. 

Another close match and a lot of fun for both of us.  I can play this game "full on" against my kids by the simple expedient of improving the rating of one or more of their players to balance things out.  That said, my 10 year old son will soon have to have this advantage removed as he is beating me almost too often!   We can also play for as long or as little as we like and set up and tidy up are very quick.

Other than the big board that I made, the game packs down very small in an old wooden microscope slide box that I adapted:

We also have a travel version of this game that uses an A4 size board and counters rather than figures.  Very handy indeed, just a laminated sheet of A4 and a business card case with the counters and dice in.