Thursday, 3 November 2011

Speedy Battles in Small Spaces!

Welcome to my gaming world - dominated by, and obsessed with, getting a quick wargame in at every opportunity. Still play some bigger battles but 15mm, 10mm and sometimes 20mm skirmishes pre-dominate. Most periods get a go although Scifi is our big thing at the moment. I'll let some pictures do the talking now:

After Dinner Wars - Battle of the Altoids
using Micromachine plastics

"Fighting on a Footsquare Flannel"
Micromachine plastics, Epic buildings, Cork rocks, Ikea flannel

"A Few Good Men"
15mm WW2 on a 16 inch board

"In space, no-one can hear you scream"
Space Hulk in 15mm
Magnetic tiles & bases, squares 18mm

My gaming is either solo or with my kids.  The reason for the small size set-ups is simply that we get more gaming in that way - we still have a crack on the "big" 3x3 foot table now and then but these handy games are just so easy to set up and store (even part way through a game). 

For rules, we love Two Hour WargamesAmbush Alley Games and Ganesha Games but also play DBA (& period variants), Crossfire and anything else we fancy.  We enjoy the cross period mechanics of THW, Ganesha & the DBA variants.  I'm also a fan of Spacejacker's "Gut Check" Scifi rules.

Current projects include 10mm skirmish sets for Napoleonics, Colonial NWF, Modern Afghanistan and Scifi.  I'm also trying to rationalise my collection by finishing off other projects and selling them off.

Here's something a little larger:

 My son and daugher's Eldar going to the rescue of a downed Viper pilot in Ork territory.
GW figures, 3 foot square table, scratch built terrain

And really big (for us!):

2nd edition Space Hulk in all its glory on the 5 by 3 foot table
This only happens once in a blue moon!

And now for something completely different:

28mm Rugby using "Kahmate" rules
Scotland score first in the Calcutta Cup

I hope something here has whetted your appetite - I have been inspired by heaps of other bloggers (especially Spacejacker & Dropship Horizon) and felt it was time to join the party. 

More soon. 


  1. Nice start with some interesting pictures!

  2. Im always happy to see my blog of use tp others :) I love your ideas already, looking forward to seeing more.

  3. Hi,

    You may know about these already, but in case not: Bob Cordery has been developing his "Portable Wargame", played on a relatively small squared grid; and Warpspawn has dozens of wargames played on an even smaller grid (a chessboard).

    Bravo on your new venture!

    Best regards,

    Chris Johnson

  4. Hi All, thanks for the comments of support. Only just persuaded blogger to let me comment on my own blog!

    Chris - thanks for the info, I have been following Bob Cordery but I didn't know anything about Warpspawn so many thanks for that.

  5. As a long-time rules junkie, I've collected lots and LOTS of rules sets, especially those which are short and straight-forward. (A lot of them I've edited to make them even shorter and more straight-forward.) They run the gamut from ancients to medievals, horse and musket, and on into the 20th Century. I'd be very happy to send you what I think are the best of the best. My email address is [ ].

    Best regards,