Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Wings of War

Last night my son (9 years old) and I played a fun game of Wings of War - this is a game we have both loved ever since we got it a couple of years ago.  I think the intuitive movement system makes it easy for him and he regularly beats me without me weighting the odds or "bunging" the game.  This is always a plus in our games because I am a shocker for losing interest in games where I feel the need to "pull my punches".

Although this one needs a bit more space than many of our games it is very quick to set up and packs away small.  When we are away on trips or holidays we just take the movement card decks with us so we can play without the miniatures.  This is a great game to edge non gamers or non wargamers into wargaming and is about the only time I have played a wargame with my dear wife!

Back to last night's game - Tom took the British Spad and Sopwith Camel against my Fokker and Albatross and his mission was to strafe a German ground position (do 6 points of damage on the ground target card).  We find it better to set ourselves missions to add a bit more focus to our flying.   We played on the 3'x3' table with a ground cloth from Hobbycraft.

Early exchanges over the target were very intense....  Perhaps predictably we both made a beeline for the target and ended up playing chicken!

The Fokker was hit by both the Spad and the Camel in this early exchange.  This was bad for me as the Fokker is very maneouvreable (although slow) compared to the Albatross.  It was going to be hard to protect my ground position if I lost the Fokker early.

The card tray I made from a garden planter tray - makes it much easier for Tom to choose his cards.

The rest of the report to follow later.


  1. The card tray is a great idea, anything that reduces fuss increases immersion!

  2. I'm planning to play it with my 7 years son and I'm gonna copy your card tray idea, it's great!

  3. From Tom himself - "yes, it really helps but I do have to be a bit careful in case Dad guesses which card I have picked from it's position in the tray!"

  4. Cheeky boy! As if I would. But he does have a point if you were playing against a "hard nosed" gamer.

  5. The card tray is such a simple but effective idea.

    I wish I had thought of it!

    All the best,