Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Wings of War Part 2

Continued from the previous post:  (Tom flying the British Spad and Sopwith Camel, me flying the German Fokker & Albatross).

After the initial tussle over the target, the planes disperse somewhat and although my Fokker (tri-plane centre left) is nicely between the Spad (extreme left) and the target (card in centre of board), my Albatross (in the foreground) is well out of position to stop the Camel (right of picture) going in for another strafing run on the target:

As the Spad and Fokker close in a head on attack, both take damage but the Fokker is hardest hit and now in a bad way...... such a bad way that another burst from the Spad sees the Fokker spiralling to the ground in smoke and flames!

Reverse angle of the demise of the Fokker at the hands of Tom's Spad.

Meanwhile the Albatross uses his speed to close with the more maneouvreable Camel

But soon the Spad is back over the target and inflicting more damage to it:

....whilst my brave Albatross pilot doggedly tails the Camel
and inflicts some noticeable damage....

....but that last strafe from the Spad has left the target almost destroyed
(5 of 6 damage required)

Tom's Spad conducts a skilful Immelman turn to repeat his
strafing run on the burning ground target:

Spad's eye view as the pilot pulls the trigger and bullets dance towards the target to finish it off.... the Spad flies to the aid of his hard pressed friend in the Camel....

...and is able to hit the Albatross with a couple of bursts, although he takes further damage himself.

This is too much for the Albatross and so, with the ground target destroyed and facing odds of 2 to 1 he uses his speed to break off and head for home.

Boooo! to the cowardly Hun......
Off back to gunnery school after repeatedly missing that Camel

....and hurrah for the brave British chaps!
Off back to the mess for a celebratory drink.

Well, we had a blast and once again I am beaten despite Tom having the added challenge of hitting the ground target.  His Spad was in a bad way by the end with only 3 damage left but his Camel was hardly touched and although my Albatross had only taken 3 damage, with the ground target destroyed there was little point in the Albatross pilot hanging around to be ganged up on. Besides, it was bedtime!

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